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Customer Testimonials

Christy & Gary Schnieders from Carriage Hill · 

They are delicious! Jambalaya is my new favorite!!!!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Soups are so tasty I have had Broccoli Cheese, Chicken & Rice, Goulash and just today the Chicken and Noodles OMG!! so good Dave came through for me today my daughter was sick and requesting Chicken Noodles soup he made fresh soup for us I will be ordering from him all season so very good my husband loves the Broccoli Cheese -

Paula Prentice from Sherwood Estates

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Mary Shields from Carriage Hill Estates · 24m ago

Just tried Dave's soups today and have to say they were excellent! Will definitely be trying more of his selections!

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

Dave, I just Love your soups; I have had quite a few of them. The Quality & Texture of these soups are some of the finest I've seen. I love how the spices come together.

Carla Hicks

Amazing is the only word to describe Chef Dave and his tasty soups!! I have been indulging on these soups for over 5 years now. I'm hooked!

RaeAnne Scott

I just ordered from Dave for the first time and got the Broccoli/Cheese, Gumbo, Italian Wedding, and Pork Pasta Stew. I taste tested all of them and they are amazing! Definitely going back to try more on the menu.

April Briggs

Had the cheeseburger soup last night. Only bought a quart, wish I had two! It was delicious! I could have ate it all night. We also have the Italian wedding soup. Can't wait to taste it. I might hide it in the fridge and keep it all to myself!

Robert Norris

Dave was very accommodating in setting me up for a pot luck at work. His soup was great!! Many positive comments from my coworkers. Thank you, sir!

Craig Swisher from Carriage Hill

I just tried Chef Dave's soups for the first time this week after a recommendation from a friend. I ordered the Italian Wedding, Chicken and Corn Chowder and the Red Pepper and Corn Bisque. All of them were fabulous! I can't wait to go back and try more soups!

Katie browning

We tried Chef Dave's soups and were delighted with the delicious flavors of several different soups. You can pick up your choice of soup at Chef Dave's house; or, Chef Dave delivers for a mere $2. His soups are $5 for a pint and $8 for a quart. A quart was plenty for the two of us. He also serves up a gallon if you have a large group. Give Dave some notice and he will cook your soup fresh; or, you can buy what specialty he is cooking that day. There is always soup in his freezer to have on hand when you need it. To reach Chef Dave his phone number is 816-808-8178 or check out Chef Dave's different varieties at his website We totally recommend Chef Dave's soups and hope you enjoy too. It is a great way not to have to cook dinner. Our favs are Chicken Noodle, Vegetable Beef, Goulash, and Navy Bean.

Linda Jenkins from Carriage Hill Estates · 

Jesse Camacho from Sherwood Estates · 1d ago

I have been a little delayed in reviewing chef Dave's soup it is the best soup good quality wide variety and you can talk to him about how you like your soup make it thicker thinner etc 😍

Jesse Camacho from Sherwood Estates

I am also late in my review of Chef Dave's soups. I have to say they were all amazing!! I got the Lobster Bisque, Chicken Totilla soup, and the Chicken Corn Chowder. I was not disappointed at all. In fact, my grandkids gobbled the tortilla soup before I coul get a bowl! And I got two quarts of that one! I highly recommend Chef Dave!

Tracy Ludeman from Davidson

I bought soup for the first time this last weekend. We've only eaten the Clam Chowder so far. I froze the others. It was amazing, and I usually don't like clam chowder. I would highly recommend it.

Mary Beth and Warren Hewitt

Bought several flavors.....amazing. can't wait for the next round. shared with the family. good news, they loved it also. bad news..they ate all my soup

Dave Lewis

I tried Chef Dave's soups for the first time a couple weeks ago. I bravely picked out 4 different ones! Have to say they were all good, but my very favorite was the tortilla soup--please try it! You'll love it like I do.

Theresa Morgan from Antioch Acres

Chef Dave Soups are highly recommended! We tried the Clam Chowder and the Cheeseburger and they were both delicious. We will be ordering more throughout the year for sure!

Angi Grisham 

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